Sunday, August 21, 2011


We just love the volcanoes here. No matter where you go in our mission there is usually at least one, and often several, visible. We took this photo of the Osorno volcano from the freeway about 40 minutes south of Osorno.

The scenery in the mission is absolutely beautiful. Having volcanoes in the background just makes even more so. This is the Osorno Volcano taken from the highway on the way back to Osorno from Stake Conference in Puerto Montt 8-21-11.
The Puyehue Volcano is still spewing ash. This is the view from the freeway, several miles away.

The Zone leader council this month was spent teaching them the new program for training new missionaries. This program is wonderful and the ZLs are now in line to support it. The ZLs are really excellent missionaries.

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 2011 Departing Missionaries

This is our first group of departing missionaries. It is amazing to us how much we came to love them in the 6 short weeks we have known them. These are some of the greatest men and women I have known. What wonderful leaders they are going to be.

These faithful young men and women have worked long and hard, strong to the finish in serving the Lord and their fellow men in the mission field.
It was heart warming to see so many members show up at the bus station near midnight to say goodby to the missionaries and to see how much love they have for them. No wonder the missionaries love working here so much.

The departing missionaries board the bus and wave goodby one last time before hitting the road home and to the next phase of their lives. They have left their mark on this country and the people with whom they have worked.

18 New Missionaries Arrived August 9th, 2011

Our first group of new missionaries have arrived. The lost bags were found and the fun begins!

The new arrivals get a good meal, a nights rest and a training session before joining their first companion and traveling out to their new assignment.

This is the first group of new missionaires to our mission that will be in the new 12 week training program. It is a truly inspired program that will get them up to excellence in 3 months.

This is Such a Beautiful Country!

The beauty of this area still amazes us. As we travel to meetings etc. it is often cloudy and occasionally the clouds will lift or we get a clear day on a subsequent trip and we are astounded at the beauty that was surrounding us all that time.
Allthough it is winter and cloudy most of the time, we were lucky to have sunshne when we were doing interviews in Villarica and the Villarica Volcano was incredibly beautiful. It is an active Volcano and you can usually see small amounts of smoke coming out of it.

This is the morning view from Brother & Sister Hamiltons home in Llanquihue

This is the Ancud Chapel on the island of Chiloe. The beauty of this area is breathtaking.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Fresia Chapel

This is one of our cutest old meetinghouses. It is in Fresia and reminded us of some of the old wooden houses in early church history. A new small chapel is being built next to it and this one will be torn down in a few weeks.

This is a poster of the main secion of our mission area. It gives you an idea of the topigraphical layout; plush fertil valleys against gorgeous lakes between steep mountains with white capped volcanoes and the Andes in the background.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Zone Leader´s Council

The Zone Leaders meet at the first of every month to report accountability for the previous month, discuss needs & challenges and plans for the month. These are truly amazing young men.

Presidents Birthday

The office missionaries surprised President Rappleye on his birthday!

Back of the Coyhaique Chapel

One of the first days this month that it did not rain. The views can be breathtaking!


We have just finished our first month and have traveled the mission twice. We held Zone conferences with each zones and had a chance to meet the missionaries and discuss the work we are now engaged in together. We later had a chance to return for individual interviews with each missionary. What a wonderful group of young men and women so dedicated to the Lord´s service. It is truly going to be a pleasure for us to serve with them over the comming months.

Punta Arenas Zone July 2011

Coyhaique Zone July 2011

ChiloƩ Zone July 2011

Puerto Montt Zone July 2011

Puerto Varas Zone July 2011

Rahue Zone July 2011

Osorno Zone July 2011

La Union Zone July 2011

Calle Calle Zone July 2011

Valdivia Zone July 2011

Los Lagos Zone July 2011

Zone Conference in Villarrica July 2011

Remembering the MTC

Although these missionaries are not assigned to our mission they will be helping us more than you can imagine!

Passing of the Baton

Ken & Susie Lovell received us and gave us a quick orientation. They have been wonderful Mission Presidents and already we have received many comments from members and Missionaries with expressions of love for them and their great service. They have left their mark on this beautiful country. We hope that we will be blessed to do so as well.

Our Mission Has Begun!

We arrived in Osorno on June 28th and were received at the airport by President and Sister Lovell, Elder and Sister Biddulph and the office Elders: Bastian, Hansen, Andia, Rodriguez, Williamson and Mangelson. They quickly made us feel at home.